Exekon was born in 1991 from the many experiences in factory management covered throughout the years. The enterprise is involved in the development of specific management systems for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for companies in the textile and fashion business.


Exekon’s main objectives is to improve the company’s productivity and efficiency, thanks to the custom-made management systems, aimed at optimising the operating areas involved in the study and realization of the product.

The continuous investments for the improvement of Exekon’s solutions made them evolve themselves, becoming instruments extremely reliable and up-to-date, essential in the management of the production process, in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency.

There are numbers that alone are a guarantee for the quality for the quality of the products and ensure the reliability of the company:

  • Since 1991 Exekon constantly deals with the development of governance solutions for the whole textile industry

  • 60.000.000 daily transactions executed thanks to the Exekon modules

  • 5.000 production customers based all over the world

  • 1.000 real-time workstations: the largest in Mantova (MN), Italy

Exekon is a company growing at a constant rate, with clients spread around the world. Visit our website for information on products and services, career opportunities, experiences and much more. Come and discover how Exekon can become the winning choice for you.

Efficiency generates efficiency: obtaining it over the whole industrial process is our mission.

Sede Operativa:

Via Odorizzi, 52 - Trento 38100 Italy

Tel. +39 0461 917472

Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224

EMail: info@exekon.com

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