Enhance your business:

With WinSipex is possible to optimise every single operation within the production process,
improving speed and efficiency.

Simplify your enterprise:

WARP allows you to keep always under control your company, obtaining the best results.

Exekon is born to help you:

The professionality and the several-serving experience of the Exekon operators will assist you in every difficulty,
taking you step by step to the solution of the problem.

Don’t waste your time:
let Chron-EX take care of you

Optimise your time directly on-cloud with Chron-EX’s functionalities.
Don’t waste a single second.

Let’s build together a better reality
Through the custom-made solutions, you will be able to optimise the whole production process, thanks to the advanced production cycle management instruments (WSK) offered by Exekon.
Why is Exekon the best choice
Improving the efficiency of your enterprise is possible. Discover how.

Some of the main advantages of the Exekon solutions:

  • Real-time accessibility for data
  • Immediate product-pricing
  • Flexibility and data availability
  • Designed for operative requirements
  • Easy, fast, essential
  • Customized for you!!
What do our customers say
It is your competencies, together with ours, the best guarantee for a real, clear and measurable result.
We are partner of your results.


It allows you to follow real-time the evolution of a collection, ensuring efficiency and quality in every step.
With Exekon Technical Sheet producing perfection has never been easier.




Design the management system of Exekon based on your needs. You can obtain the best possible solution on the market,
without spending an Euro more than what is necessary. Exekon is simply the solution suitable for you.



Workforce Schedule Planning – WSP

Thanks to WSP, managing timetables, shifts and permissions won’t be a problem anymore,
but it will become a fundamental strength of the enterprise. Complete, easy to use and totally flexible, it represents the dynamic solution ideal for personal management.



Sede Operativa:

Via Odorizzi, 52 - Trento 38100 Italy

Tel. +39 0461 917472

Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224

EMail: info@exekon.com

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