The company’s business is based on the optimization of all the internal and external processes: the easy and fast control of personnel’s accesses is a factor of strategic relevance.


WSP is the HR management solution realized for companies of any dimension: the system is able to control contemporarily the accesses to the company’s perimeters, the departments’ clocking-in and clocking-out and the presence on the individual workstation, including the management of such, regardless of the location of the plant.

WSP is an HR management system flexibly for inserting a high number of parameters, completed by automatic procedures for calculating shifts and giustifications.

The system elaborates the data in real-time and creates a summary-report able to offer an easy data search system thanks to the drill-down technique.

  • Management of the work-schedule of any employees on a weekly-basis, month-basis or year-basis

  • Management of the programmed breaks

  • Management of the flexibility –entrance and exit time-rounding and relative penalities

  • Management of all the recepits and giustifications

  • Attandance management and interface for salay-compensation

Sede Operativa:

Via Odorizzi, 52 - Trento 38100 Italy

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Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224


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