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CHRON-EX, to take advantage of your time at best

The better you acquire your fundamental skills, the more you achieve in the same time.

Chron-EX is Exekon’s new timing video-system: an innovative device that allows you to control quality and efficiency of the plant’s operations.

The system enables you to measure the manufacturing time of each phase in the production chain, qualifying the measurements and keeping a detailed documentation (drill down) of them. Thanks to the completeness of the online.system, Chron-EX is able to recompute real time the costs of production, based on the manufacturing time of each single operation, measured on the spot.


Thanks to the video timing system Chron-Ex you will be able to:
  • Control and measure each operation’s time
  • Record the working method of each action, with the possibility to use it for educational aims
  • Autonomously qualify the manufacturing quality (standardization of quality)
  • Validated the measured results, disregarding from the average the non-suitable ones
  • Calculate the frequency of yarn-switching, package-switching and other operations and their relative importance in the total time measured
  • Measure the total time of the operation: Set Time
  • Real-time update the firm’s costs, based on the time measured on the spot
  • Speed up the decision-making process of the company

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