Speed up the decision-making process, avoid contrasts, optimize the productivity,
solve the problems and improve the quality of your products with ExeKon PLM.


The PLM softwares are not only IT strategies, but also business strategies. Exekon PLM enables you to create an integrated IT structure, shared through the inter-connection of systems and operative areas. This allows you to work as a single team and to design, produce and monitor old and new products, acquiring the methodologies that have proven themselves most efficient along the path.

The implementation of the Exekon PLM system creates a work envornment, in which IT processes and people are able to connect in real time all the aspects of the “virtual” life of products, obtaining significant improvements in the pianification of new collections. Focusing the attention on quality, speed and efficiency enables an easy coordination of the commercial and stylistic requirements, realizing in a more concrete and dynamic way the product, this drastically reducing the time-to-market of such.

Connect your product strategy and your business strategy, realize your projects in the shortest interval and with the highest quality and increase your revenues.

With Exekon now this is possible.

  • Drastic shortening of the time-to-market
  • Reduction of prototyping costs
  • More rapid and precise planning
  • Dynamic coordination in real-time of whoever is involved in the creation process
  • More accurate deadline forecasting
  • Reduction of constrasts in the design-phase
  • Quick and dynamic resolution of product conflicts (WPS)

Sede Operativa:

Via Odorizzi, 52 - Trento 38100 Italy

Tel. +39 0461 917472

Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224


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