Our mean is to communicate with and involve the worker
in the production process

The operative dashboard is our device to communicate with and involve the production operator. The combination of dashboards, in the versions T-2005 and T-TOUCH, provides the operator the informationa necessary for the efficient work-execution, eliminating any complexity. The dashboard counts 350 functions specifically designed for the fashion manufacturing, possible to be configured entirely by the user through macros. Morover, it is equipped with identification systems BARCODE (recommended for the whole production process) or RFID (recommended from the assembled product on) and with Touchscreen or LCD display.

Furthermore, the touch version allows to program the display of video and images specific for the operation to be carried on in that workstation.

The dashboards’ main functionalities are: workers’ access control (to make sure the time of clocking in and out coincides with the start and end of work-hours), management of the processing at each order-level (grouping by style, client-line, package, material), online management of the manufacturing specificities, real-time management of individual performance such as efficiency and output, to print documents on demand, to launch warehouse movements and to manage trainings.


The productive dashboard allows the firm to improve the company’s productivity, keeping track and updated the work-progress. Find the best version to meet your needs:



7.75 inches touchscreen

  • 3 I/O ports with expansion opportunities
  • Barcode reader port (Laser or CCD)
  • 5 ports
  • 12-48 volt alimentation or POE
  • Integrated batteries
  • Wi-fi or Ethernet connection
  • 15 watt consumption
  • Operation’s images on the display
  • Operation’s videos on the display
  • Real-time output measurement
  • Possibility to integrate functionalities buttons




40 characters x 4 lines (160 ASCII characters in total)

  • Customizable displays
  • 6 inches
  • 6-8 watt consumption
  • Barcode reader port (Laser or CCD)
  • 3 I/O ports for the collection of machinery data
  • 10 customizable function buttons
  • Wi-fi possibility
  • Batteries possibility
  • 16 ports

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Tel. +39 0461 917472

Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224


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