Data have become the fourth production factor,
besides the more classical land, labour and capital.


Increase in the firm’s competitiveness for modern enterprise is fundamental to ensure profitability in today’s markets.

WinSipex is a production management system specific for the textile industry, studied to deliver the highest performance to the client for what concerns efficiency in the production cycle-information management.

Thanks to WinSipex, significant time and economic savings are registered in the information management. The elimination of 98% of paper-documents related to the technical specificities of the product contributes, together with other factors, to a 3% to 40% expected increase in productivity.


Increase in productivity? Here how to achieve it:
  • Trasparenza sugli obiettivi di produttività, condivisi con i lavoratori, che controllano autonomamente il proprio contributo al risultato aziendale direttamente dalla postazione lavorativa;
  • Eliminazione dei costi indiretti dovuti alla gestione dell’informazioni;
  • Eliminazione di scritturazione e raccolta manuale dei dati;
  • Eliminazione del tempo speso per la ricerca fisica degli ordini cliente in produzione;
  • Eliminazione dei ritardi decisionali a causa di mancanza di informazioni
  • Transparency on the productivity goals, shared with the workers, who control autonomously their personal contribution to the firm’s result directly from their workstation;
  • Elimination of indirect costs due to information management;
  • Elimination of writing down and manual collection of data;
  • Elimination of the time spent in physically loom for clients’ orders throughout production;
  • Elimination of decision-making delays due to lack of information.

WinSipex provides the firm in real time with all the information about its product, analysing and presenting data easily understable to the executives, allowing them thus to design strategies based on 100% squared data.

The adoption of the system enables the company to deal with its own growth, focusing its attention on efficiency and competitiveness.


Sede Operativa:

Via Odorizzi, 52 - Trento 38100 Italy

Tel. +39 0461 917472

Fax +39 0461 934983

Part. IVA: 01344370224


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