Adapt the technique to the idea, not the idea to the technique

Creating an excellent product has never been easier. WinSipex’s online datasheet service will allow you to always keep the specifics of the production process under control, from the PLM phase to the final sale-phase.

Through WinSipex is possible to organize the product area and follow in real-time the evolution of a collection, simplifying the management of the whole production chain. The information provided by the datasheet enable to manage the creation- and development- phases of the product in all their elements, adapting it to the specific needs of each single client.

The data avaible in real time on each item of clothing and the cost- and production-control allow to obtain a single integrated enterprise system, able to improve the production flexibility, highlighting the real value of the product. The specific communication with the plant-employees directly to their workstation, allows to reduce the work-complexity, increasing the firm’s productivity at the same time.




  • Costing
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Instruments
  • Specific Information
  • Measures
  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Process variation
  • Work-cycles
  • Shipments
  • Deliveries

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