Productivity is never random. It is always the result of commitment
towards excellence, intelkigent pianification and focused efforts.


With over 20 years of experience, WSX Lean Six Sigma has become an efficient and trustworthy instrument for the production process management in manufacturing companies of any dimension in the fashion industry. The adoption of WSX applications leads, historically, to a 3% to 40% increase in the firm’s productivity, using as basis 100% square data.

The system is able to optimize all the operative areas that contribute to the value creation of your product, in order to realize it of the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Managing the design- and production-phase of a collection using a single integrated and efficient solution, allows you to avoid delays, unnecessary costs and wastes, thus reducing the and maximizing the quality of the product, the productive efficiency and the company’s potential.

WinSipex allows you to automatize, certificate and optimise the design- and production-processes and the data-collection and –analysis methodologies, supporting the firm for the whole production chain.




  • PLM Solution

  • Production Terminal

  • Simplification of the enterprise management

  • Increase in productivity (3-40%)

  • Online Datasheet integrated to the specific product

  • Simplification of management decision making

  • Real-time efficiency output

  • 100% diminishing of the information-collection time

  • Real time analysis of information and costs of production line

  • Indexing of the company, increasing control

  • Time-measurement and –optimization with Chron-EX e Qualit-EX


Discover the potential of the WinSipex services, from production management to the integrated technical sheet.

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